Service Hotline 2542 1128
Licences Detail
CE no.
Regulated Activity
Type 1 (Dealing in Securities)
Broker nos.
3938, 3939
Participant / Broker firm ID
Services Charges

Trading Service Charge

Item Fee Remark
Open, Re-open or
Cancel Cash Or Margin Account
Free of charge  
Bokerage Fee 0.25%-0.5% of transaction amount
(min charge: HK$100)
Stamp Duty 0.1% of transaction amount
(rounded up to the nearest dollar)
CCASS fee 0.002% of transaction amount
(min charge: HK$2)
Trandsaction Levy (SFC) 0.003% of transaction amount  
Investor Compensation Levy (SFC) N/A  
HKEX Trading Fee 0.005% of transaction amount  
Italian Financial Transaction Tax (IFTT)
(Italian companies with market capitalization
of more than Euro 500m listed in HK)
0.22% of transaction amount ** On the net purchase amount
(Tax deduction from the intraday
netting permitted based on the
weighted average purchase
price and the net purchase
sharequantity executed on
the same day)

Other Charge

Item Fee Remark
Physical Stock Deposit HKD5 stamp duty per transfer deed  
Physical Stock Withdrawal HKD5 per board lot (min HKD30)
HKD4 per board lot for 100 board lots or above
Round up to the nearest board lot
Registration fee for
phylical shares certificate
Handling charge : HK$60 for different location of Registrars Companies
Transfer fee : per physical scrip $2.5 (charge from registrars limited)
Scrip handling and settlement-related
services (through SI)
Deposit of securities : Free
Withdrawal of securities : HK$100 per transaction
Scrip handling and settlement-related
services (through ISI)
Deposit or Withdrawal of securities : Free  
Cash Dividend Collection Fee CCASS Fee 0.12%;
Scrip fee & transfer fee HK$2 per board lot
Handling charge : 0.5% of dividend amount
(min: HK$20; max: HK$300)
Cash + Scrip Dividend Collection Fee
(Bonus issue & scrip with cash option)
Handling charge : HK$30 per transaction; plus CCASS Fee to be paid  
Exercise of Warrants / Rights Handling charge HK$40; plus CCASS Fee to be paid
Rights issue entitlement
(Including Excess Rights Application/ Preferential Offer & Open Offer)
Handling charge HK$40; plus CCASS Fee to be paid
Cash or Scrip Offer / Compulsory Acquisition / Takeover / Shares Privatization Handling charge HK$40; plus CCASS Fee to be paid
Callable Bull / Bear Contracts;
Exercise / Mandatory Call of Callable Bull / Bear Contracts
Handling charge HK$60; plus CCASS Fee to be paid
Shares Consolidation / Shares Splitting / Shares Exchange Free  
Handling charge for EIPO Nominee Services Application HK$30.00 per application
(no refund no matter success or not)
Stock Storage Fee HK$160 per annum (waived if have at least one trading within a year)  
Dividend claims
(no matter success or not)
Handling charge HK$300 per claim
plus CCASS Fee to be paid
Investment order confirmation or monthly statement re-issue Free of charge within 3 months;
HK$20 per month for statements over 3 months
Late value day interest rate Prime rate (according to Wing Hang Bank) + 3.75%